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Captcha removal?
I removed captcha and now I removed it, It says Human Test Failed every time. I used the tutorial to remove it.
You might have forgotten to remove the part where it checks the human test again a second time. This happens at Step 5.
Kevin Mark - TheHostingTool Lead Developer
Look at the class_sever.php in the /includes folder and erase this line

        if(($main->getvar['human'] != $_SESSION["pass"])) {
           echo "Human test failed!";
Followed the tutorial for removing captcha posted on the Common Issues thread, didnt work.
Tried this now too, still no luck.

Anybody help me?

WOW. it worked all of a sudden. I was starting to think you were all crazy. Sorry about that.
great tutorial. idk what i did wrong the first time, but i figured it out. Thanks a lot Kevin & xpack!!
Glad to see this worked for you. Make sure you make a note of any code modifications to TheHostingTool so upgrading will be a tad less painful. Wink
Kevin Mark - TheHostingTool Lead Developer

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