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How to get rid of captcha
Ticketmaster has fought spam bots online with Captcha for a long time, but now the run has come to an end. It is being replaced by a more natural speech option from Solve Media. Read on.. Ticketmaster replaces Captcha authentication with working system
If any successful site were to measure how many real users didn't signup because a stupid captcha was thrown in front of them during signup process, I am sure the number would be astonishing. Captcha is double edged sword while it prevents automated signups by bots it also pisses of lots of genuine users.

Visual captcha is nice alternative to captcha but again it is a another mess. There are tons of captcha alternatives listed here. But none of them seem to work seamlessly.

What i think is site or forum should allow users to login via their facebook or google or hotmail account and then  let big boys handle the bots.

My two cents

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