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User modification
Why is not possible to edit the user information in THT?

I suppose that is because there is not a $server->updateUserDetails or something like that?

I mean when modifying the user information it must be send to the Panel (cpanel/ispconfig).

Something like the $server->changePwd() isn't it?
But clients can change their information... so both databases (THT and Cpanel/DA) will not be sync...
There is a sync process or something like that?
That "client importer" will autoupdate existing THT users?
The only things that cPanel keeps track of are username (cannot be changed), password (can be changed in cPanel or THT), and e-mail (can be changed in cPanel or THT). The other details can only be updated by the client since it would make no sense for staff to know a client's address, name, or phone number.
- KuJoe
I will tell you though, that as of THT v1.2.2 if the client or admin changes the password in THT, it will stay synced to cPanel/WHM. For the record, it is possible to change the cPanel username.

The client importer is for importing new clients. Not to sync or update existing ones. The only thing that would need to be synced at all would be the information that THT and cPanel both share.
Kevin Mark - TheHostingTool Lead Developer
yes... it would be nice if there was a sync proccess !

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