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TheHostingTool v1.2.2
(06-19-2010, 06:29 PM)Svizy Wrote:
(06-19-2010, 05:55 PM)ccalby Wrote: Is there a way to import clients from iPanel to THT 1.2.2É
I believe there is no such feature in THT yet Sad

Nope Feel free to request it
Kevin Mark - TheHostingTool Lead Developer
If i might ask, why isnt package upgrading included to this new release?
Because we didn't code it and it wasn't on our list. Wink
- KuJoe
How in the hell do you add pricing to the packages.. I can't find it for the sake of looking.. Any help would be appreciated.
You need to set them to paid. After that, pricing options should appear.
Kevin Mark - TheHostingTool Lead Developer
(06-18-2010, 08:26 PM)KuJoe Wrote: My change log I was keeping myself:

Client Area:
-Added more information, client details, and package details.
-Moved the Ticket system into the Client Area.
-Removed the ability to delete account and replaced with the ability to cancel account (if allowed).
-Added the ability to change cPanel passwords for packages.
-Added a check for config(delacc) in client area so that if disabled the option no longer appears in the navigation menu (if accessed directly it results in an error).

Support Area:
-Renamed to Knowledge Base.
-Removed login from Knowledge Base.

Order Form:
-Added check to prevent clients from placing an order while logged in when multiple packages is disabled.
-Added AJAX and PHP checking to ensure usernames are alphanumeric.
-Added AJAX checking for e-mail format.
-Added AJAX and PHP checking for all new client details.
-Added CAPTCHA (AJAX and PHP checking).
-Added a PHP check for duplicate e-mail addresses.
-Added the ability to order package by ID.
-Removed the ability to order multiple packages on one account.

Admin Area:
-Added account statuses.
-Added package status "9" (cancelled) and added better checking for suspending, unsuspending, and validating packages.
-Added the ability to cancel an account.
-Added a "view account" link on validation page.
-Removed the ability to terminate an account from the search page and added a second step in cancelling/terminating an account to prevent accidental removal of accounts.
-Added "Cancelled" e-mail template.
-Added status icons on tickets.
-Added color coding on tickets to reflect urgency.
-Tickets are now ordered from newest to oldest.
-Added the ability to set packages as hidden.
-Added the ability to set packages as disabled.
-Added the ability to order packages by ID and included a direct link on the package page.
-Added IP display and WHOIS lookup.
-Added links on Client Statistics page that brings up a list of all accounts of that status.
-Renamed the "Edit Servers" page to "View Servers".
-Added online/offline status for common services (HTTP, FTP, MySQL, POP3, SSH) on the View Servers page.
-Added a basic activity log with the ability to filter events (Account registered, Package created, Suspended with reason, Unsuspended, Cancelled with reason, Terminated with reason, Client Login Success with IP, Client Login Failed with IP, Staff Login Succes with IP, Staff Login Failed with IP, Account approved with user_pack ID, Account declined with user_pack ID, and cPanel password updated).
-Added the ability to specify the reason for cancelling and terminating an account.
-Removed "suspended" and "unsuspended" e-mails during account validation process.
-Restricted access to "Paid Configuration" and "P2H Forums" to head staff (user ID 1).

-Fixed typos and syntax errors.
-Updated install.sql and upgrade.sql.
-Added GNu GPL v3 license document to main directory.
-Added flag images to directory to /themes/flags/ which are used in replacement of country names.
-Added 3 new images to /themes/icons/ for support ticket status.
-Fixed invoice system so once an invoice is paid it will unsuspend the package.
-Added 2 new database tables for users and user_packs backups incase of accidental deletion (users_bak and user_packs_bak).

Can I ask the point of:
Quote:Restricted access to "Paid Configuration" and "P2H Forums" to head staff (user ID 1).
When creating a New Admin it is possible to exclude Admins from this Configuration with the Checkboxes?

The reason I ask is that I had to alter Forum Config for a move to production Server, but when I installed I gave the Server Owner the User ID 1 and my ID was the one I was using to configure the system.

Why have the checkboxes in add new admin?
Never Say Never, Anything is Possible!
user id 1 = whoever setup the script and entered in the first admin account. This wasn't the ideal solution, but we considered the positives and negatives of it at the time of release and figured it was good enough (there, I said it) for now.
Kevin Mark - TheHostingTool Lead Developer

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