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Billing cycle changes + Payment method plugin structure
please, put .zip file to download...
i need this plugin
This is what THT NEEDS!! to make a difference!!. However, it seems to have a few bugs there and there but you don't have any /versioning/ so I can't tell which THT version BNPanel is based on . For now I fixing any bugs that I can find and I can zip it and host it. I'm not very good with DIFF so I wouldn't be able to send any specific patches without just sending the entire file that was modified.

Best Regards
I am interested very much in this (potential) plugin!

I am new to THT and have found 2 issues so far with the installation of version 1.2.3...
1) I cannot add a decimal to monthly costs (e.g. 2.3) I have to add definitive numbers (e.g. 2)
2) I am unable to use PayPal for numerous reasons, is there a way to implement Google Checkout? I will have a go, but I have no idea when it comes to code.

I hope to hear some insight into this if you could let me know, that will be wonderful Big Grin

Kindest regards
Harrie Lambert

THT Site:
whre can i download it?..
They forked the project and I can't remember what they ended up calling it.
Kevin Mark - TheHostingTool Lead Developer
so/?.. i seriuslly need to change payment billing cycle and payment method !!

Last commit was Sept 20, 2011.
Kevin Mark - TheHostingTool Lead Developer
(01-05-2013, 12:38 PM)Kevin Wrote:

Last commit was Sept 20, 2011.

then how to use it?..i have download it?.. Huh
how to edit ur theme?..
I would like to know where I can get an updated and functional version of BnPanel, not it make this error :

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CLASS in /home/tuxfh/public_html/bn/includes/class_main.php on line 2


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