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myTHT Series - Mint
I'm pleased to announce that the fourth style of myTHT Series, Mint 1.0 is now avaliable!
myTHT Series is an set of many styles that don't have the style author copyright, and its free to use. They are color scheme changes only and contain no template changes. So its just upload - and use!

myTHT Mint 1.0 Style requires:
~ TheHostingTool v1.01+

Preview UP!

To download, click here:
Mirror 1:

Jimmie Lin - Community Manager & THT.Next Developer
Can we have a screen shot how it look. Thanks.
Preview image is uploaded, just look at the main post ;D
Jimmie Lin - Community Manager & THT.Next Developer
Thanks this one look good.
Dead Link, please re-upload Sad
I'll dig around and see if I still have this somewhere, it's not likely though. If you can use Photoshop, you might want to edit the colors of the old theme to get this yourself.
Nick - TheHostingTool Staff Coordinator

[Image: standard.png]


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