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Lots of Suggestions :p
~ Server Status
Planned in my mind. I've got a mental picture of how I want it to be. In a future version that is.

~ Support System
Same with server status. Mental picture has been built. Will go in a new folder /support/.

~ Admin Permissions
That's already in progress if you check the ACP Jimmie Wink

~ cP Creator Imported
Already planned for this version
Jonny H - THT Main Developer & Founder


~ Debug System
If you used IPB 1.3, you know that Wink Debugging Tools. You can configure that in the "Titles & Paths" area in the General [email protected] Like:
Level 0: No Debug Information
Level 1: Show Page Generation Time, Number of SQL Queries
Level 2: Show everything included in Level 1, plus "Referrer", Post Data
Level 3: Everything in Lv1/2, plus SQL Queries Detailed Information
Level 4: Everything in Lv1/2/3, plus Detailed Code Stacktrace
Jimmie Lin - Community Manager & THT.Next Developer
~ cP Creator Imported
Talked with Jonny last night, it is implemented. Smile

~ Email warnings
Something I always wanted in cpcreator. The script sends the user an email the 20th of every month, if they haven't posted the required amount of posts.
Don't know why they're in the suggestions David but as you say, they're both completed Wink
Jonny H - THT Main Developer & Founder

Everything sounds so spectacular, and also, is there any way I may be able to see the new THT ( I heard it the hottest thing! Tongue)?

Jonny you know I find all the good bugs Smile - and you love me Tongue Heart
This thread was moved to here:

This is the official wishlist. Any suggestions, post there Wink
Jimmie Lin - Community Manager & THT.Next Developer

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