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Account status.
I just realized that when you terminate an account it deletes it from the database and when you suspend an account it does nothing to the account (just changes the package).

Personally I would like to see an extra field added to the users table for a status (1=active, 2=suspended, 0=disabled, 3=terminated, etc...) and being able to disable accounts instead of deleting them from the system.

I think deleting every trace of the account is a bad idea for both auditing and preserving information that can potentially be important later. I also think that if a user wants to cancel their account that the account should be disabled and not deleted so admins still have access to e-mails and IPs in case the user did something illegal so they can be dealt with through legal channels instead of covering their tracks.

I think this would be beneficial for those users who provide paid hosting also to allow better tracking and reporting of users.

This can also open up many more options in the future for things such as account activation via e-mail verification, spam/abuse prevention, and integrating with other scripts and systems.
- KuJoe
So like disabling would lock them out of cpanel and THT.? While suspending would just lock their hosting/cpanel account?

Seems like a good idea ive wanted to do this before. And i agree that users should not be able to delete their own accounts. Perhaps a user request for deletion? Than have somewhere for admins to check follow through with it.
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The admin has a choice to enable the user delete feature. If they don't want it then they can instruct their users to PM me. But again, a "Pending deletion" type list would be nice.
Kevin Mark - TheHostingTool Lead Developer
Personally I don't like the idea of deleting accounts but that's just me. I like the idea of requiring users to open a ticket or just cancelling thier hosting account so they can sign-up later if they want without making a new account (the less work for the clients the better it is on the company). Wink
- KuJoe
I got it working! Big Grin I have the following statuses available:

For users:
0 - Not Validated.
1 - Active
9 - Cancelled

For packages:
1 - Active
2 - Suspended
3 - Awaiting Validation
9 - Cancelled

I also made changes to the backend so now it checks to make sure only Suspended packages can be Unsuspended and vise-versa. I also set it so that it deletes the package from the server but does not delete the account or the package (just sets them to 9 so the user cannot login to the client area, which I edited the backend so that only "Active" users can login now). I originally had THT suspend the user account but then I realized they wouldn't be able to open a support ticket to get it unsuspended so I removed that option. I set it so that accounts are set to "Not Validated" by default as to prevent users from signing up just to spam the ticket system or change their contact information before it can be checked. I also plan to add an e-mail verification step to automatically let users go from "Not Validated" to "Active" although this will only be for the user account and not the package.
- KuJoe
Kevin Mark - TheHostingTool Lead Developer
You like? Tongue
- KuJoe
Yes. Heart
Kevin Mark - TheHostingTool Lead Developer
This is a good idea to preserve information.

Only problem is, we'll need to inform the client that in some cases when they remove their account, their account information remains.
Jonny H - THT Main Developer & Founder

That can be as easy as rewording the text from "Delete Account" to "Cancel Account". Wink
- KuJoe

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