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What phone do you have?
Some sony ericcson walkman that no ones ever heard of :p
I have a Samsung (Soul) U900 at the moment. It's a pretty good phone as I only use it for Calls and SMS; I would like a iPhone but the contracts are not worth it.
i'm a business traveler and i use a Black berry which helps me to keep in touch with my clients and
since i travel to foreign countries i have unlocked it using codes and using
LG VX7000, over 5 years old
I am currently using LG KG800 Chocolate. It seems that my phone is really older. By the end of this month, I am gonna buy an iPhone 3gs.
I have an LG GT365 right now, but the Motorola Backflip is only $249.99 (sans contract [in an official AT&T store!]) and it runs Android smoothly. So I think I'll get it soon.
Samsung J706. Nothing too special.
I have 3 phones
Sony Erricsion Walkman - Music
Nokia 6300 - Broken screen, Fix for £19
Alcatel OT-600 - Taking Pictures
I have the LG Env3 but may order a data plan and get the Motorola Q9C
i have Samsung e590 :X love it, small but perfect Big Grin
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