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Error when testing server
If it is a SuPHP matter, he should check the error_log ! I think it is the permissions to some folders and the indexes...
I just did a test on a hosting where they have installed the THT and I get this message:

Connected to the server successfully!

Because then you have THT hosting work? But others with cPanel and all does not work? The server needs some requirements to operate the THT? Which are?
THT is only needed on the server that your want THT on. You do not need it on every server. You can have one server with THT and one server with cPanel. Or you can have just a single server with both THT and cPanel.
Kevin Mark - TheHostingTool Lead Developer
One user said that the server must have SuPHP, I've tried several hosting with cPanel but I tried one more and it worked but the other did not; then the server needs something for the THT and work in other hosting not work but I tried every single one works (where that server also use THT).

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