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Support Tickets - Custom Theme
Hello everyone.

The Hosting Tool provides an easy means of changing the theme, which I thoroughly enjoy. I am currently working on a custom theme for a new web hosting service, and I ran into some difficulties.

I am running version 1.2.6, the current release through Softaculous.

With my custom theme, the "New Ticket" option is completely screwing it up, and I am not sure what I need to add, change, or remove.

Here is the relative information:

CSS - - This is the CSS for the custom theme.

Theme - - This is a screenshot of the custom theme. The "New Ticket" should be where "View Ticket" is, but that is not the case.

Reloaded Theme Ticket - - This is a screenshot of switching back to the default Reloaded theme, where the "New Ticket" is in the correct place.

And now... for the fun little error...

Custom Theme Ticket - - This is a screenshot of switching back to the custom theme, where "New Ticket" completely destroys the page.

Any thoughts?

Hello I will raise this issue to a developer for you as its nothing I can do

You might have prematurely ended a div tag (</div>) on the header or footer of the template. Try inspecting it with Chrome (right click on a part that's destroyed and click inspect element), and print screen it for me so I can take a look.

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Hi Liam.

So, after taking a look at the element inspection, it looks like the "New Ticket" page is calling the html and headings twice, so if I am not mistaken, that is why it is causing the page to go all funky.

Here is a screenshot:

If what I said above is correct, what do I need to do to correct it?


No, the new <html> call is for the iframe which is used by MCE (the text editor).

Could you please PM me with a temporary account so I can take a look at the issue myself? I can apply the corrections through Chrome and then send them to you if I can manage to figure them out.

Remote Servers - Shared, Reseller & KVM Hosting Services

After receiving your PM, I logged in and took a look at it. Here's what I found:

Find this line:

<div id="content" style="display: none;" aria-hidden="true">

Remove style="display:none;" from that line and it should work.
Remote Servers - Shared, Reseller & KVM Hosting Services
Hi all.

I am still looking for help with this.

I managed to get the layout fixed, as per Liams instructions, but the tickets are still causing that white box to show.

If anyone good with Javascript can PM me, that would be great.

the error i removed just a simple error in footer of admin section [home only] is left

Can you tell me how you fixed it?
It would be really nice if someone could help with this...

I was going to offer The Hosting Tool to my clients, but I am slowly losing faith.

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