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Email Template Tags
I could have sworn I had a list of all the email tags that you could use in the email templates but can not find the document anywhere on my computer, anyone have these?

Thank you in advance.
The tags available are completely dependent on the situation, unfortunately. Here's an incomplete list I just compiled. If you look at the "description" field in the "templates" table in the DB, each row should have a list of available tags. I can't guarantee the accuracy of those descriptions though.

Template        Tag         Content
areset          %PASS%     new password

clientresponse  %TITLE%    reply title
                %STAFF%    staff member
                %CONTENT%  reply content

approvedacc     none       none

reset           %PASS%     new password

emailconfirm    %USER%     client username
                %CONFIRM%  confirmation url

newinvoice      %USER%     client username
                %DUE%      invoice due date

newaccadminval  %USER%     client username
& newaccadmin   %PASS%     client password
& newaccval     %EMAIL%    client email
& newacc        %DOMAIN%   account domain
                %PACKAGE%  package name
                %CONFIRM%  email confirmation url, if enabled
Kevin Mark - TheHostingTool Lead Developer
ok, this does help. Thank you

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