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[Problem] Step 5 - Create Account
THT Version: TheHostingTool 1.2.6
Your THT installation URL:
Browser (including version): Firefox, Chrome and IE (Latest versions)
Your Operating System: Windows 7
Server's Operating System: Linux
Control Panel Type: WHM (Myownfreehost reseller)
Error: Step 5 - Create Account
I'm currently using the myownfreehost reseller which provides cPanel xml-api allowing us to connect the reseller account with the billing system.
I successfully added the server using the API Username and Access Hash and it seems working correctly:

After that I added the package inserting the correct plan name in Backend field.
So I tried it by ordering the package but I always get the same issue on Step 5:
It doesn't complete the registration, I waited for a long time!
What's wrong?
Thank you!
Does it create the user on the server? If it does, then the server did not respond with a proper TRUE or FALSE response. If the user is not created on BOTH THT and the server, then there's a compatibility issue with THT and MRH.
Remote Servers - Shared, Reseller & KVM Hosting Services
The user is not crated on both THT and the server, so it may be a compatibility issue.
Typically when there is a problem with receiving a response from the server, the error message from the server will be returned. In the event that they have modified cpanel, which is unlikely, or they are using an incredibly old version, there will be compatibility issues, but any version of cpanel that supports the xmlapi, will return an error of failure, and true on success.

You may consider opening a support ticket with them, just to verify you are using the proper settings.

Justin Edwards - TheHostingTool Developer
Somehow I get the feeling that Myownfreehost uses a heavily customized version of cP/WHM. I may be wrong though, so try contacting them.
Remote Servers - Shared, Reseller & KVM Hosting Services

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