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1.1.2 XML Error Patch
Hello everyone. Some users have been experiencing some XML errors when they terminate accounts or users. Some users also experience XML errors at other times. I have released a patch for you to use AT YOUR OWN RISK. We [TheHostingTool Development Team] will take NO responsibility if this patch causes any damage. If you are NOT experiencing any errors like previously mentioned then there is no reason to patch. You can ignore this message.

Here's how to patch your install.
  1. Backup your old whm.php file. (includes/servers/whm.php)
  2. Download your backup to your computer and then delete the old whm.php file on your server.
  3. Upload the new whm.php file that is provided as an attachment in this post.
  4. You're patched. To make sure this patch doesn't give you any (more) trouble try signing up and trying to replicate your previous errors. If they don't occur then the patch has worked!
  5. If it worse then before delete the new whm.php file and upload your backup.
Please give us your feedback! Smile

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Kevin Mark - TheHostingTool Lead Developer

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