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Why I won't be using THT
I've been trying for three days to post on this forum after encountering problems with both THT and reworked. Reworked won't install and THT keeps telling me sub domains already exist when they don't.
Anyway, this forum doesn't always send activation emails, and when that happens there is no way of communicating with anyone to ask them to activate it.
I've emailed admin, I've contacted the user responsible for reworked, I've shouted on the shoutbox and I've gone onto irc chat.
I've tried dozens of times to have the activation email resent, it's never arrived, and I wasn't able to sign up under a different email address because you block ip's from signing up within x amount of hundreds of hours.
I only managed to sign up now by going to an internet shop.
All in all, i feel offended that no one has bothered to try and help.
You can't say you haven't seen the shoutbox it's in front of your eyes.
Doesn't admin check his emails? Does no one ever attend 'live' chat?
What's it all for if no one checks anything?
What's the point of me using an open source script when no one has any intention of helping anyone?
I won't ever touch THT again, I feel delliberately excluded. If yiou care to check your members list, you'll find there's loads on unactivated users, probably for the same reason, you should at least allow new users to be able to PM someone when things like this occur.
In all honesty, I feel offended and won't bother with THT.
Well, not to say that your opinion of THT doesn't matter, but this is FREE and OPEN SOURCE software. It is voluntary work. It's not something we at THT are obliged to do, as we still do have lives outside of this project, and aren't available for this 24/7. We provide support whenever we can, but if ever none of us are available online, that should not serve as a reason for you to get mad at us or the project.

Second, nobody told you to use THT. There are plenty of alternatives available. We at THT assume that you used this software with the understanding that if it works then it works, if not then file a report and we'll get to it when we see it. We're not online 24/7, so file it in the forum. Do not send an e-mail, IRC is NOT live chat, file a report in the forum so other people other than the admins and mods can help you.

Also, I find it offensive that you say "What's the point of me using an open source script when no one has any intention of helping anyone?" -- a lot of people, including me, have contributed to make this project happen, and you as a mere user have no right to tell us that this project is pointless.

The views and opinions stated here are of my own, and do not reflect the views and opinions of THT and the other members of the staff.
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