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Add your requests for Reworked Manager on UserVoice.
10-05-2013, 09:44 AM,
Add your requests for Reworked Manager on UserVoice.
I created an account on UserVoice for Reworked Scripts' products. Reworked Manager will be getting worked on shortly and you can already see some features listed for what's planned on Reworked Manager 1.0 Public Beta. As I'm planning on professionally reworking scripts and developing my own product lines as well, I've selected UserVoice as the way I want to handle having requests for new features posted.

If you'd like to help design your dream hosting management solution, please post your ideas and vote other people's ideas. The more votes a feature has, the more likely I am to add the feature in the first ever Reworked Manager for you to use!

Post your ideas at: http://reworkedscripts.uservoice.com
See my GitHub at https://github.com/cozylife

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