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Quick couple of questions
Hi Guys,
Just a quiclk couple of questions ... Ive had an initial search, but not found much...

Ive not manged to find anything yet, but on domain registering, are ther api/plugins available to allow auto registration with the likes of netearthone?

Billing, on the quick search Ive done, the only billing method is paypal & monthly?

I see that in one post, someone said that this is a free solution for mainly free hosting providers, is that he case?

none of the above are moans or complaints, just trying to see if hostingtool is right for me.. Smile

TheHostingTool does not contain any domain registration functions. I don't believe there are any plugins to do this just yet.

BIlling is currently done on a monthly basis and PayPal only at this time.

And yes, this is a free solution aimed at free hosting providers. Our limited payment functionality is a testament to that. Tongue
Kevin Mark - TheHostingTool Lead Developer

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