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Bug reports and Reworked Manager updates
09-03-2013, 12:44 PM, (This post was last modified: 11-13-2013, 02:19 PM by ReworkedScripts.)
Bug  Bug reports and Reworked Manager updates
I've discontinued support of THT Reworked, but Reworked Manager will be worked on shortly. I've been working on the Reworked Scripts website as well as the Reworked Manager documentation. GitHub will be the new bug tracking appliance as well as the place you can download Reworked Manager CE (Community Edition) from. Reworked Manager CE will be the first to be released before any proprietary editions are released. (Proprietary versions will still be open source as I don't feel companies should lock people down so they can't protect their selves if any security flaws are discovered. You have a right to see the source if you're the one running it.) Proprietary scripts will be a one time fee, not a "bill you until the day you die" scam like other companies charge.

I feel that releasing a community edition first will help people to get a taste of what the program can do before investing in upgrades. Once the software is usable, it'll be deployed, but in version 1.0 not all features will be included. This will help to release things faster. Upgrades will be possible through the web installer.

The location of the new bug tracker is at: https://github.com/ReworkedScripts/Rewor...rCE/issues

You can download Reworked Manager CE when it's ready at: https://github.com/ReworkedScripts/ReworkedManagerCE
See my GitHub at https://github.com/cozylife

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