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Not letting me install

i got this working finally -_- this can be deleted or whatever
[Image: tv.png]
1.) Try refreshing the page by clicking the URL and then hitting enter. Sometimes hitting refresh doesn't reset the page properly. 1.3.10 won't be using Ajax as all that does is cause errors like these.

2.) Remove everything from the THT directory and re-upload THT Reworked and then give the installer a go. (You can also try just re-uploading /includes/
See my GitHub at
i got that part but now it is frozen where it is adding the main staff account -_-
[Image: tv.png]
Can you post how you resolved this issue and put your information back up so others can learn this as well?
See my GitHub at
THT Reworked 1.3.10
I am having this similar issue, unable to add staff account.

Getting error:
Fatal error: Class 'main' not found in /home/ecoco138/public_html/thtr/includes/classes/class_type.php on line 98

Anyone come across this with a solution?

Or should I just abandon as it seems developer has disappeared again.

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