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PHPBB3 -> myBB Error
Hello all.. again,

I just wanted to say i really think you should fix the myBB forum auth thing. I recently upgraded to myBB from phpbb3 and all the password tables were left blank and myBB has a mod that encrypts the salt with the md5 password which authenticates.

So the signup did not work for my users because all the users from phpbb3 forums would be shown "Invalid Password".

This isnt a problem i have anymore because as always i managed to get around it. But this is something you should think about fixing.. I made an api for myBB on my forums and now the billing area uses that API to authenticate. If you want this script then just ask Smile

This isn't a problem. Your forum is using a different password encryption. THT directly uses the forums boards password checking system to find this out. I advise to switch back the way how myBB does it and tell members to reset their password.
Jonny H - THT Main Developer & Founder

Nahh lol, i just made a api and it works perfectly Tongue

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