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Username is already taken
I am getting the following error at step 5.

Error number 9999That username already exists or the password was not long enough.

Currently there are no users registered with THT so this is not possible. Also the password is the same as one I used before when I was testing. (I have since deleted that user, hence no other accounts as yet).

The only hacks that I have done is to modify

includes/ajax.php, commenting out
Quote: if(is_numeric(substr($main->getvar['user'], 0, 1))) {
echo 0;


Quote:if(!preg_match("/^([0-9a-zA-Z])+$/",$main->getvar['user'])) {
echo 0;

So that I can user numbers of my usernames.

I have looked at the MySQL database so see if there is any mentions of my deleted test accounts and removed them just in case that was the issue.

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