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Benefit from the personal Wells Fargo ATM experience, world
Would you use an ATM that monitors your habits? Wells Fargo is introducing a personalized ATM that does exactly that. Source of article: look with our own main page!

Wells favorites that need considering

Using predictive analytics, Wells Fargo's brand new ATM banking network present customers with a variety of touchscreen buttons, each one tailored to the individual consumer based upon their previous transactions and selected preferences. These ATMs are reportedly easier to use, as the button favorites are convenient, notes Bankrate. If the consumer chooses the optional balance dashboard to display, all balances can be viewed at a glance, as if it were an online home banking software.

Preferences remembered

Wells Fargo asks us to imagine just how much an automatically displayed balance can help someone who regularly runs their account close to zero balance. The savings from avoided overdraft charges alone should make the feature popular.

Quote:"The ATMs really know you better," said Alicia Moore, head of Wells Fargo ATM Banking.

A consumer will see customized buttons on the account home page. For instance, a customer will see an option to withdraw a certain amount if that person regularly withdraws that amount. Another thing may be a consumer making deposits into a checking account without a receipt. That option might appear.

There are other customized buttons depending on observed banking behavior below the two main buttons.

A ton of advertisements for you

This free service is good for consumers, and all they have to do is deal with advertisements on the lower 30 percent of the screen. That is where the bank will run the advertisements.



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