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THT Compatibility Fix for PHP 5.5 and above

MySQL functions have been deprecated in the latest version of PHP in favor of a much more robust alternative, MySQLi. THT uses the old code, so I did a few modifications to class_db.php to make THT compatible with the latest versions of PHP (this will also work on PHP 5.2 and above)

THIS SCRIPT IS IN BETA. Please report any bug you may find. I do not guarantee this will work 100% yet.


1. Download the class_db.php file below (attached).
2. Backup your existing class_db.php in /tht-root/includes/ (tht-root being the folder where you installed THT)
3. Upload the class_db.php you downloaded from here into /tht-root/includes/
4. Test it out.

PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS ON LIVE ENVIRONMENTS. It is not yet FULLY tested, and some parts WILL not work. So please tell me which does not work so I can do my fixes.

Thank you.

Version 1.10 (April 2, 2013) = Fixed a bug with selecting a DB
Version 1.04 (April 2, 2013) = Initial version

UPDATE: For support with this plugin, please go to

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.php   class_db.php (Size: 10.07 KB / Downloads: 341)
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Note that the functions are simply deprecated in 5.5 and should still work. You can turn off E_DEPRECATED reporting in the PHP configuration.
Kevin Mark - TheHostingTool Lead Developer
Yeah, but it's way better to start as early as today to fix a few stuff. Tongue I wanna help people to avoid asking "OMG I don't know why it shows these errors in PHP" Tongue
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