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sql error in ThT1.2.4
i am having problem in my ThT1.2.4 after i updated from 1.2.3.

Please check below screenshot

this error- /////////////////THT ERROR
Error: Couldn't Retrieve config value!
Config Name: senabled

is on every page in admin section as far as i know.
While i just simply replaced files in update process and reinstalled tht + sql restore from old one.
is there anything else that i needed to know and do ?
If you dont know the reson for this error, please pm me a default version of conf file,so i can match it with my own.

btw, client acc are not working as their posts are showing 0.
i double checked the p2h config etc.
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Thanks to Tht for this amazing open-source script.
Have you referred to the "Bug Notice" in ? Perhaps that's related.
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