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Direct admin server not working
Hi.I really need help in this.

I have a Direct Admin reseller and i want to configure with tht.

I"mm trying to create a server:
At hostname:the ip from reseller
at host:the domain from reseller
at username:the Direct admin reseller username
at password: the reseller password.

After i create the server and i"m trying to test it and the result:
[undefined=undefined]Couldn't connect to the server...

I"ve tried with whmcs to configure this server and it"s works perfectly.
Please,somebody can help me to make this server to work?
The test server connection function for DirectAdmin is completely untested. I guess it doesn't work.
Kevin Mark - TheHostingTool Lead Developer
THis thread has been closed, due to imature behaviour, post has been deleted from topic.
Thanks for reading my post guys!
EddiesLife247 - YouTube Producer - THT Support Team

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Need help, i don't mind pms but please post support questions in the general support board.

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