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Step 5 Error
Hello everyone,

I'm using a CentOS installation with Kloxo and am using THT v1.3.5 Reworked. For some reason, I'm getting an error on step 5 that says "An error has occurred. Please inform your system administrator."

I've ensured that the SSL isn't forced, etc. but it still isn't working.

THT Wrote:At a glance....
THT Version: 1.3.5 Reworked (Dev Area Mode)
THT Theme: bluelust
THT Client Area Enabled: Yes
Show THT Version in footer: No
THT Support Area Enabled: No
Signups Enabled: Yes
Multiple Signups: Yes
Email Method: php
Default Page: order

If someone would be able to help, I'd greatly appreciate it! Smile
I can create a staff account on request or post information via a script.

try to search, i guess there is an answer to this already posted in this forum.
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I did that. Everything I found either was fixed via PM (so I can't see the solution) or went unanswered.

I'm trying to setup free hosting with Kloxo and THT Reworked, but this issue is preventing me from proceeding any further.

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