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Move to GitHub
I propose a move from SVN to GitHub. SVN is a bit complicated for users (especially Windows users), whereas GitHub provides an easy way to access, clone, fork and submit pull requests via a program built for the Windows platform.

It'll also get development a little more active considering that a lot of people are on GitHub.

- Just my 2 cents.
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I'll keep this open as I've been thinking about it for some time now. At this point in time it's not worth the time to move everything over. I disagree that Git is easier to use though. A centralized version control system is much easier to understand and SVNs tools are far more mature (and plentiful on all platforms).
Kevin Mark - TheHostingTool Lead Developer
Yes I know but it's easier for people that are native to Windows to develop code for THT if they are interested.
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TortoiseSVN is incredible on Windows.
Kevin Mark - TheHostingTool Lead Developer
Yes, but it's quite complicated for SOME users that don't know how to use it. The GitHub for Windows app is pretty much straightfoward. Anyway, moving on Tongue

I do hope you consider it.
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I don't know what's easier than right clicking in Windows but Git is being considered.
Kevin Mark - TheHostingTool Lead Developer
I really don't have a problem with TortoiseSVN. I was talking about other people (like me) who prefer working in a Git environment. Tongue But that's still in your team's decision. It's just an idea.
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yes git would be good i have put tht on sourceforge
I won't be putting THT on Sourceforge. It's pointless to splinter the project over there.
Kevin Mark - TheHostingTool Lead Developer
Hi all.
I just saw this thread by chance and wanted to put my 2(mio) cents here.

First, I put up a github mirror of your repository[1] (before I ever read this forum) because, while I can't really use the software as is,
it's the only really open source one of its kind[2] and I don't much trust "encrypted" scripts like b**billing and such
since they tend to "phone home" without my permission and generally can't be audited (nice selling point for you guys right there).
So I'll likely tinker with it and build on it if time permits.
Also I won't ever go back to subversion, too much pain, so I hope you don't mind the mirror so much (and btw. github stuff ranks nicely on google)

Second, I would encourage a move to a decentralized vcs, be that git or mercurial (github or bitbucket for hosted versions) because of the workflow they represent.
I don't frequent forums very much. I also don't likely sign up to projects for commiting rights to any VCS, I simply don't push my code back,
Call me lazy, but this is where Github (et al) shines.
I clone a repo, do my stuff, and if it's good I fork it on github, push my changes and open a pull request at the source (or mail a patch to someone).
Then they can take it or leave it and I don't care much about it. So for one-shot code submissions it's great. No commitment needed.
Which means for any project hosted there, it's likely receiving more code love than any vcs requireing signup/commit access beforehand.
(I don't know how googlecode works, but I'm not likely to get a google account anytime soon, so f*** them Wink

Third, if you chose github, there'd be some nice boons:
You can create a 'company' TheHostingTool to host the main repo and invite all team members to have push access.
Tools exist to convert the googlecode issues to github, you can have a wiki and github pages for the project hosted at (as versioned repos, too).
If you write a test suit, you can have automated testing integration with
You always get "autobuilds" at e.g. with the click of a button Wink
Lot's of cool apis to use (IRC bots that post commits to the channel as they happen [Image: heart.gif])

So, that's about it from me
If, by any chance, you want to use the github repo as official mirror, hey, just fork it!
(ok, maybe drop my stuff and give me commit acces so I can point the mirror script at it to keep it in sync if you like)


I merged, as best I could manage, THT Reworked into the repo (see the branches named "reworked-") so you can actually diff against the trunk version for the changes that happened. (Thanks a lot for the work, Na'ven)
And then I merged some fixes from here in my own branches (prefixed nyov/) of these.
I did not test all these merges at this time, so they might be broken. (Send me pull request or open an issue if you find something)
The GH repo is still a mirror mostly, master = trunk, branches and tags are from svn. My stuff is named "username/feature-branch" and then there is THT reworked.
(ok, i also did some ugly merges of the older tags which had no ancestor on trunk, so that messes up the network graph a bit, just ignore these)

P.P.S. looks nice Tongue

Merry Christmas

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