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TheHostingTool v1.2.4
It's been awhile. And by awhile I mean nearly 2 years. Almost 20,000 downloads later (that's roughly 27 downloads per day!) brings us to v1.2.4. In this release, I'm bringing you a little lot of everything. Lots of bug fixes and lots of new features.

This release is a summary of 13 closed issue reports and just about 100 Subversion commits. Here are the highlights...
  • HTTPS is now supported without any modification to your configuration.
  • Misc. JavaScript and UI bugs (lots of these)
  • You can now test the connectivity between your server and THT under Servers in the ACP
  • Fixed the PHP warning on the tickets page
  • Snazzy tooltips are back!
  • More server status information
  • Installer MySQL bugs
  • Now using CodeMirror for CSS and TPL editing in the Look & Feel Center
  • THT now only ships with Reloaded2 and OrangeLegacy themes
  • If your Admin CP session expires you'll be redirected back to the page that you were previously on after logging back in
  • Overhaul of P2H code
  • Confirmation dialogs for critical user actions making it more difficult to accidentally do something horrific.
  • WHM secure connection option is now on by default
  • Rewrote THT's versioning system
  • Added support for any timezone PHP can handle. Default is UTC. Change it in General Settings -> General Configuration
  • Admin Area tab is now hidden by default
  • The Look & Feel Center's NavBar editor is now working again
  • Improved automatic site URL generation in the installer
  • Step 3 fields are now checked before you can move on to step 4
  • You can now choose between 3 different "WWW Subdomain" modes of operation. More Info
  • \r\n issues in various locations. Let me know if you find more!
  • You can now customize the SMTP server port and it now also supports secure connections. Clients -> Email Configuration
  • Email confirmation. This is on by default can be toggled in General Settings -> Signup Form. More Info
  • Clients will now be automatically logged out if their account no longer exists
  • P2H cron bug fixes

Bug Notice
Before installing (this only matters on a fresh install) please go to line 109 of the following file: includes/sql/install.sql
It should look something like
Please replace that with this:

An Important Note Regarding Email Templates
There are two new email templates added in this release. Specifically "New Hosting Account + Email Confirmation" and "Awaiting Validation + Email Confirmation." These emails will be sent when email validation is enabled (and it is by default). Make sure you update these new templates to your liking and change the non-Email Confirmation versions (the old ones) appropriately. You'll want to remove the %CONFIRM% stuff from them. This is only applicable if you're upgrading and not doing a fresh install.

Can I switch from the Reworked fork of THT to this?
Not without manually accounting for each and every applicable change. Technically yes, effectively no.

If I've modified my installation can I still upgrade?
That depends. If your modifications are relatively minor you should set aside the files that you've changed (copy them elsewhere), and update as per normal. Then, you can use the attached diff file to see how and if those files changed. Apply the needed patches and then you can move your modified files back into their directory. See above Q/A for extensive modifications.

I haven't touched anything. How do I upgrade?
Simple. Back everything up (files and DB) just to be safe. Then replace/overwrite all of your existing files with the new ones. Go to the location of your THT installation and append /install/ in your browser. Follow the upgrade instructions and then delete /install/

What took so long?
Since you I asked: I'm the only developer at the moment so things only get done when I have the time to get them done. And between life and my other obligations, TheHostingTool can only get a relatively small fraction. Luckily the project is open-source so you don't technically have to wait for me, and for some, you haven't. Smile

Attached is a Subversion diff file that includes all the changes in code between v1.2.3 and now. This will help you to identify which files have changed and modify your installation appropriately and selectively.

Next up is v1.2.5 which will be a bug and security update assuming nothing goes catastrophically wrong with this one. No new features. Please let me know if v1.2.4 introduces any new bugs for you.

Enjoy! Oh, and don't forget to delete the install directory after upgrading or installing!

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Kevin Mark - TheHostingTool Lead Developer
Thanks kevin for the update atlast Smile
but this was a heart breaker Rewirked version was doing perfectly for me with its addons like Upgrade and discount codes Sad
(11-07-2012, 03:44 PM)Kevin Wrote: Can I switch from the Reworked fork of THT to this?
Not without manually accounting for each and every applicable change. Technically yes, effectively no.

Thanks any ways for putting your time into this.
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