Poll: Will THT be placed in stead of something like WHMCS in future or not?
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Oh my GOD, Yes sure I wish it will.
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Nop it cant compete.
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Improve some, then it gets the world !
Hi, i Love this movement, it's perfect. makes me happy getting ride of heavy price client management systems in future. but there is a few lacks that should be resolved in order to being the better:
- low payment methods (i may mistake but i think it can work just with Paypal)
- language easy modular translation i suggest an easy hole system translate capability based on simple language files in a folder like /languages for translating the main UI to any language easily. (it may be my fault, being not familiar with this issue if exists. )
it has to be inserted into fantastico or softacolous programs in Cpanel. (please ask them to do it.)
integration with joomla or WP like jwhmcs.
Clone WHMCS in any capability if it is legally possible.
We need it to add payment methods for new banking systems.
but its perfect at all.
it is already made clear by staff, that tht will always be a FREE ordering system for FREE hostings,
The main purpose of tht is to provide optimal functionality to FREE hosting systems, not to be used as alternative to whmcs, You have boxbilling for that Tongue.
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Thanks to Tht for this amazing open-source script.
Thanks to the partnership between cPanel and WHMCS, there's no way any other tool can effectively compete in the WHM market.
Kevin Mark - TheHostingTool Lead Developer

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