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cpanel info
How do my clients get their cpanel information?

There is no link to login to their cpanel from the tht client area, and no information is emailed to them. Huh
Should be emailed on account creation.. is email working?
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I made a test account with an email i had and got no email telling me the link to my cpanel or the user and pass...
Did you get ANY emails? If not you should check your servers email settings.. Because you should have gotten a few.
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I did get some. None of which using the word cpanel
And the account was correctly setup in WHM? if so... double check email settings, otherwise.. I am not sure what else to suggest.
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What do you mean correctly setup in whm?

Is there supposed to be a link to the cpanel in the client area THT?
(05-08-2012, 11:33 PM)aacidd Wrote: I did get some. None of which using the word cpanel

Add word 'cpanel' and link to it in email templates.

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