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multiple email adress
first i wanna say im not god in English - sorry Sad but maybe you understand what i want to say.

I have a question. How I can change to accept multiple email adress ? In order when you use the same email you get error: "That e-mail address is already in use! ". And i want turn off this and accept multipe emails. Because i have package like:
1) hosting
2) upgrade 1
3) upgrade 2
And Admin vaildiation. Just i only must turn off this multiple emails.
I serach this on google and this forum but i dont find. But i find files where is this "error"
- client/pages/details.php
- includes/class_server.php

Can someone check this and do accept multipe emails ?

Thank You.
Best regrads.
Enable "Multiple Signups" to allow email addresses to be used multiple times.
Your second question I could not understand.
[Image: sig.png]
I have default vaule and its a "Enable" and still I can do more than 1 account using the same email Sad

Best Regrads
that feature enables you to signup multiple times on same ip not on same email so if you disable it then you can only make max 1 account under your ip.

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