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Package support
I need help with a problem, I am setting up THt and when i do i install everything properly but when I go to set up the packages, and put backend it doesn't work. I make a new account and the user still gets unlimited everything
Um. If your packages are being created with unlimited everything, that is most likely a cpanel configuration problem.

Although you may not have defined the problem well enough for me to properly understand whatever it is you are having trouble with.... Directions to replicate on your system would be useful.. or maybe a screenshot.
[Image: sig.png]
ok so i set up the packages on backend saying 5 gb space, 5gb space, and 10 ftp 10 etc.
but when i make a new account I get this (packages are setup properly)

[Image: 5a193n.jpg]
I would still say that is an error with the package in WHM and not caused by THT.
Sorry for my bad english but i try write answer and maybe you understand Smile

In "THT"
Add Package:
Name - your name what clients see in order
Backend: <<< there you must write package name from WHM

If on WHM - Package name is "free_hosting" so in Backend you must write "free_hosting" (witchout " " of course). Backend name dont see clients only you on your THT admin panel.

Best Regrads
Your image shows the package "Free" doublecheck those settings. looks like you did not enter the right package name in tht, assuming the package exists properly in whm.
[Image: sig.png]
packages are setup properly. page problem
make sure you do not write space in backend packages like

Starter Unlimited

make it Starter_Unlimited with no space between as it metions inside THT not to use space in backend package names.

The backend package name, shows in WHM. DO NOT USE SPACE! you will get this if you hover blue icon to right of box inside THT when your adding a package.
Looks like your using cpanel/whm

are you entering the package name from whm in the right way

should look something like this


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