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Virtualmin for TheHostingTool
Maybe is not mod_fcgid issue.
I install on test server ISPConfig 3, using mod_fcgid to execute php and Virtualmin plugin for THT start working. Account are created on remote Virtualmin server. I don't know why.

Thanks to all community and Liam D. for the great work : )

Few words about using the Virtualmin plugin under Debian.
I tried Debian 6.0 minimal with default Virtualmin 3.96.gpl installation, TheHostingTool 1.2.4 and v2.04 of Liam's plugin. It have suhoshin and mod_fcgid, no dependencies present and everything seems to work just fine! However if any dependencies arise they should be solved by installing libjson-perl and perl-modules packages : )

Thank you for your time!
Aww, thanks thtfan. Smile It's always heart-warming to hear a positive review. Smile
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