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Na'ven's Upgrade System - AutoMod Module
This module comes PREINSTALLED with THT 1.3.5 Reworked! PLEASE do not install it on 1.3.5 Reworked. You don't need to.

Module: Na'ven's Upgrade System
Module Version: 1.0
For THT Version: 1.3 Reworked
Author: Na'ven Enigma

I noticed that some people might want to upgrade their members to a free package at some point and not allow other members to upgrade or order the free package attributed to that member. This means the package needs to be disabled. When I built this module, I set the admin upgrade area to only show non-disabled packages. I figured it would help with clutter, but it seems like some people might have a problem with that. So, below is how you can set it to show all packages. I didn't make it a module since its just a quick one line change.

Open: admin/pages/users.php
PHP Code:
$all_packs_query $db->query("SELECT * FROM <PRE>packages WHERE is_disabled = '0' ORDER BY `type` ASC"); 

PHP Code:
$all_packs_query $db->query("SELECT * FROM <PRE>packages ORDER BY `type` ASC"); 

This module makes it so that clients can upgrade and downgrade their hosting accounts in the client area. Administrators can upgrade and downgrade members in the administration area and any packages needing to be approved, can be approved in the admin area as well. This also adds 10 new email templates and is Kloxo Ready.

This is a robust upgrade system in terms of how it works behind the scenes. It checks for many loopholes, keeps your coupons or allows P2H upgraders to add a new one, and more. Only P2H users can enter coupons since they need to be able to for the required signup posts. As I'm going to be releasing THT 1.3.5 Reworked either tonight or tomorrow, I decided to simply add some bug fixes I found on paid cron into this system as well instead of creating a separate module for them. THT 1.3.5 Reworked will have all the modules I've made, preinstalled. This is the last module I needed to build to make THT stable enough and full featured enough, to be able to start using it for my own hosting. That being said, I'll only be building for THT 1.3.5 Reworked now and will release bug fixes and things for it on occasion.

If you're using this on an older THT version than 1.3 Reworked, you'll need to edit the templates in the database and copy the code from the files in the includes/tpl/email directory to your templates table. The filenames are the same as the names in the database and each template has an _descrip file with it as well. The _descrip file is for the template's description. Please note that this module has not been tested on older versions of THT.

This module installs 10 new email templates. You can customize them if you wish.

If you want Kloxo to be used on your system, you need to install it before this module. To make things easier, Kloxo's rewritten server file is included with this release. It DOES require the Kloxo module to be installed first. It will probably work without the Kloxo mod being installed before it, but it will have less features if you don't install the mod first. (Ex. Custom DNS templates and turning the welcome email on and off in the admin area.)

PREREQUISITES: (Install in this order)
AutoMod Patch 1:
Bug Fix - Paid Cron:
Na'ven's Coupons:
Na'ven's Coupons Patch 1:
Kloxo Server Module for 1.3 Reworked: (Optional)

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See my GitHub at
Do i need reworked for this to work?

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