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AutoMod Mods List THT 1.3 Reworked
03-20-2012, 11:22 PM, (This post was last modified: 08-23-2013, 09:10 PM by ReworkedScripts.)
AutoMod Mods List THT 1.3 Reworked
I decided to maintain a list of modules made for the AutoMod program I built. If you built a mod for the AutoMod system, please post a reply to this thread with the following information and I'll add your module to this list.

Post a reply with the following:
1.) Your module's name
2.) The thread URL or page where you can download the module
3.) Your name/author's name
4.) The category your module belongs under. (If your mod doesn't belong under any categories listed below, please give me the name of the category you want to be created for it.)

AutoMod may be downloaded at: http://thehostingtool.com/forum/thread-1754.html


THT 1.3.5 Reworked - By Na'ven Enigma - http://thehostingtool.com/forum/thread-1776.html

BUG FIXES/SMALL TWEAKS: <- *Notices how funny that category sounds*
1.) Paid Cron Fix - By Na'ven Enigma - http://thehostingtool.com/forum/thread-1757.html
2.) Client Account Fix (For terminated accounts) -By Na'ven Enigma - http://thehostingtool.com/forum/thread-1755.html
3.) Keep Form data (On browser back button) - By Na'ven Enigma - http://thehostingtool.com/forum/thread-1756.html
4.) Packages Fix - By Na'ven Enigma - http://thehostingtool.com/forum/thread-1768.html
5.) TimeZones Fix (Fixes the blank pages error some people had.) - By Na'ven Enigma - http://thehostingtool.com/forum/thread-1789.html

THT SDK - By Na'ven Enigma - http://thehostingtool.com/forum/thread-1758.html

Na'ven's Coupon System (Na'ven's Coupons/Invoicing System Upgrade for paid and P2H accounts) - By Na'ven Enigma - http://thehostingtool.com/forum/thread-1759.html

Na'ven's Upgrade System (Na'ven's upgrade system for upgrading and downgrading THT accounts.) - By Na'ven Enigma - http://thehostingtool.com/forum/thread-1775.html

Kloxo Server Module for 1.3 Reworked - By Na'ven Enigma - http://thehostingtool.com/forum/thread-1770.html
See my GitHub at https://github.com/cozylife

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