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Bug Fix - Paid Cron - AutoMod Module
This module comes PREINSTALLED with THT 1.3.5 Reworked! PLEASE do not install it on 1.3.5 Reworked. You don't need to.

Module: Bug Fix - Paid Cron
Module Version: 1.0
For THT Version: 1.3 Reworked (Might work on older versions)
Author: Na'ven Enigma

This module fixes the issue where the paid cron will check the value for the monthly payment wrong if you have the direct link variable in the additional values for the package. The type class checks it properly and this patch uses that code instead. This also fixes the incorrect due date being set when the user signs up. (THT was setting it to +suspension days instead of +30 days like cron() does.) This also fixes the issue where the first invoice found is pulled instead of the latest invoice. This fix makes it so cron only checks the latest invoice to see if its paid.


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