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Still getting the not installed message after upgrading to 1.1.2?
This is because, your CHMOD of the config wasn't set properly while the upgrade was running. The script needs to write to your config to say it isn't installed, so the ajax can run then write to it again and say it is installed. There's several ways to fix this problem. I've picked out some of the best:

More Basic Method
In your favourite FTP client, browese to includes/, CHMOD this file to a permission which is writeable. 777 will be fine. Then browse to includes/sql/upgrade.sql, open that file in notepad. Erase everything in that file and save.

After that is complete, browse to your install directory and upgrade as normal. Your script should now be fine.

CHMOD the back to it's previous CHMOD.

More Advanced Method
In your favourite FTP client, browse to includes/, open this file in your favourite PHP editor or notepad will do. On a new line place this peice of code:
PHP Code:
$sql['install'] = true
Save the file and now your script will be fine.

Jonny H - THT Main Developer & Founder

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