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Why are there html tags in the title attribues (tooltips)
I was wondering why there are HTML tags in the title attribue. I noticed things like this:

<a title = "This is <b>bold</b>">info Icon</a>

It makes the tool tips hard to read and it looks sloppy. Is there some way I can make that show up as bold instead of showing the tags, or do I really have to strip them out manually?
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I found some old code referencing JS tooltips. I tried to reactivate the system with a new one, but it was breaking the system, so I stripped the tags. In my bug fix version I'm going to release, they won't be there.
See my GitHub at
This has been patched as of r202 and r227.
Kevin Mark - TheHostingTool Lead Developer
Mostly used this coding, you have nee coding let me know?

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