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My TheHostingTool Implementation.
I hope that you all like it,

Specifically, TheHostingTool program is installed here: Heart

You can see integration with the rest of the site as; is a MyBB forum with relatively no plugins yet Cool is the latest WordPress with a few plugins. I have a very few things to polish up on the WordPress install, Specifically I am working on making each news post in it's own individual box. The wordpress was the original site (installed on that I had for myself and I used to check the news from multiple sources. Big Grin

Anyways, I hope you all like it and I hope it grows large with many active awesome posters.

A little more information: The account itself runs from a cPanel reseller account on my own VPS.

Awesome implementation! Good luck with your hosting service!
Kevin Mark - TheHostingTool Lead Developer
Nice job.
Thanks guys. Big Grin I hope it grows also.


We have added a secure and private instant messenger service for the general public to use.
You don't have to use the forums to use the chat service.

We've also upgraded to a Dedicated Server from the VPS we were on.

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