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TheHostingTool MyBB Admin issue.
I had a random cpanel account created through the post to host subdomain from tht

tht is setup with 1 cpanel reseller account and 1 mybb forum.

at the same time, permission changed of the mybb forum admin username's usergroup of 4 in mybb to 2, a normal user

there is no awaiting clients or anything in tht admin panel

Everytime I set admin of mybb back to 4 in the database, when I did something in tht admin would be set back to 2

so, I delete the forum connection in tht
and so far so good, admin hasn't reset to a standard user.

no other panel or anything is set up on this cpanel reseller account, there is only 1 other account inside of the reseller account.
there is only 1 user who got a post to host account and he's a friend of mine. There are only like 8 users or so on the forum.

the site where this occured is at

There is a wordpress in this cpanel account.

any ideas?

TheHostingTool is ignorant of what MyBB usergroups a user is in. In fact, it doesn't care about anything except the username. Changing the group of a user should not change anything in THT but changing the username might.
Kevin Mark - TheHostingTool Lead Developer
Yeah, I apologize, I reread what I wrote and it sounded a little like maybe I was blaming tht. I wasn't Smile I was just wondering if someone might have seen the issue before or whatever. wanted some input.

I just set up the site this week so I was a little worried.

The MyBB forum did change the admin group back today so I know it's something in MyBB now. I set up another MyBB on two other domains (in folders) and will see if it eventually does the same thing.

As for tht it's awesome. I hope that geeknexus grows large enough to where I can thank tht properly, with some donations.

I am still a little worried about that stray cPanel account signup. I will keep a close eye on things and keep you all updated if I find anything.

There was nothing in any error_log in the whole account and there are no new or modified files, I was a little worried at first that something had gotten hacked/modified somehow.

thanks Kevin. Smile
I'm glad it's working for you Smile
Kevin Mark - TheHostingTool Lead Developer

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