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NyanRising - My terrible integration attempt

I borrowed heavily from the default Reloaded2, and the css is a mess, but everything seems to work. I'll have to further clean it up, but it seems to have generally turned out the way I wanted to, and was my first attempt.

Your thoughts, comments, and suggestions would be appreciated.
Not bad. Actually, quite impressive work on the first try. Cleanup, yeah, very needed, but the attempt was very good. Great job Big Grin
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Indeed. It looks pretty nice Smile
Kevin Mark - TheHostingTool Lead Developer
Nice although I dont really like the white borders... Perhaps #535353 would be better..
[Image: D3fzo.png]
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Thanks for the advice. I'll play with it a bit and see if I like it better as a darker color.
looks nice. personally I'd do away with the bar over the current page and just use the green text to denote the current page in the menu.

Seriously, very nice job.
Nick - TheHostingTool Staff Coordinator

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