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missing icons from admincp
Hey Everyone,

I was manually making my way through the various files that will allow me to make my own template when I cam across the ability to do so within the Admin CP. I clicked edit and refresh and my icons just never came back. all I attempted to do was to change a color value (which never changed btw). Please let me know how I can fix this.



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AFAIK the template editor in the Admin CP doesn't work, but I don't really know for sure. Try viewing the page source and verify if the location of the images are correct. If not, go to themes/<yourtheme>/ and edit the files accordingly.
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I've actually been trying to find the code where the images are declared. I'm most defiantly not a pro coder and I could use some help. As you can see I'm actually modifying "default" template if that's any help.


Look for <img src="" alt="">
What exactly are you looking for? the <IMAGES> stuff? that's in includes/variables.php
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Thanks, I figured out the problem.

I had accidentally not ported the images folder to the online site when I ported it over. I has assumed it was in the folder of the theme when in fact they all share the same images.

I appreciate the replies and will be posting pictures of my final result.



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