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I can not install the THT
I created the database, the user of the database and have added but time to move fails me shows me the number 0

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If you're using cPanel, and it looks like you are from your site, your need to use the database names and usernames that cPanel gives you.
Kevin Mark - TheHostingTool Lead Developer
I create the database and the user of the database, and it put the right data 100% safe, but will not let me install
Usually the database name and username are prefixed with your cPanel username
Kevin Mark - TheHostingTool Lead Developer
like userna5_database, userna5_dbuser. Dont forget to add the user to that database with permissions or it will also not work.
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If that doesn't help, make sure you can really connect to the server using a different script. Put in the mysql_error() part so you know what goes wrong on your testing script. If that confuses you, then nevermind what I said and just verify your details.
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