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NEXT button is not working
On the Terms of Service page the next button is not working after checking the accept terms square. How can I fix this? This is urgent!
This button works on none of my packages. Version 1.2.3
Do you see any JavaScript errors on the error console?
Kevin Mark - TheHostingTool Lead Developer
Nope. The button works when it wants to. Last night it did not work. This morning it does.
Please tell me how to make it so it constantly works.
So when it doesn't work, you still don't get any JavaScript errors? Odd. It's possible you could be visiting the site with a www or without one. Whichever your Site URL isn't.
Kevin Mark - TheHostingTool Lead Developer
I had this exact error, and solved it by finding what the site URL was which I entered when installing THT, and in my case it was a case of adding the www. at the start of the URL. Try this.
I has the same issues when using sub-domains and accessing them through the directory. The best way I can suggests is use the proper format link

such as adding the www. like NickoCP said or insuring your use your sub-domain instead of the directory instead of
let us know what worked.

It works now. Thank you.
Hey, I too am having the same problem. I do not see any sort of JavaScript errors on the console error. Do you intend to say that the issue is because of the lack of www? In that case, I will try adding www onto it and see if it works.
when I try to create free host account and enter my forum user name ,message appears Forum username is incorrect! .
I don't know why
guide100 is this on your own tht hosting site?
Thanks for reading my post guys!
EddiesLife247 - YouTube Producer - THT Support Team

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Need help, i don't mind pms but please post support questions in the general support board.

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