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Installing THT without WHM
I'm just wondering if it is possible to install THT with any control panel, and not just WHM or DirectAdmin. My reseller account uses the Plesk control panel, but am I still able to install and use THT?

Thanks guys Smile
You would be able to, if THT supported it.
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You can install THT on it and possibly run it, but it will not do server operations for Plesk or any other unsupported panel. It can run though and do server operations on remote servers with WHM/DA/Kloxo installed.

Quick Update: Found the Plesk PP 10 API Documentation:

Try making a plugin so THT can work. I'll try making a plugin for Plesk if I get some free time, or if I'm ever gonna get the mood Tongue
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I too had been thinking lately whether it was possible that we could install THT on any control panel. It seems that the only green signal we would need is from THT. However, I am not so sure about the compatibility of THT with control panels other than DirectAdmin or WHM.

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