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Some things I need help with
Hi there,

I need some help with THT.

My first problem is I need to add a home page with links and all sorts. Can someone help me with this?

My second problem is I need to create a bank transfer payment module, and I also need to add the currency for South Africa.

My knowledge of coding is very limited.

Thank you all.
Unless you can find someone who's willing to create a bank transfer module for you, you'll be on your own for that. THT doesn't function as a CMS of any sort and therefore does not provide a way to create a "homepage." So, in essence, you'll need to code in both of these.
Kevin Mark - TheHostingTool Lead Developer
Ok, does someone have any idea how to find the file that handles currency so long?

Ill make my homepage in a CMS and link to THT if I have to.

How hard is it to make a bank transfer module? Maybe start with extensively editing the info for the paypal module?
Ok, I sorted out the currency
To make a bank transfer module, you'd need to find a service that provides an API you can hook in to.
Kevin Mark - TheHostingTool Lead Developer
Hi, I actually just need it to go to a page with my banking details and also include those details in the order email users recieve so it wont be too hard. Basically a new page, and inserting the details into email as well

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