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New Menu Client Sidebar
New menu Tab In Client area Siesbar.


1. go To Your myphpadmin [Database] click tht_clientnav then at top click Incert Then input name image link ONLY leave id blank
name=the name you want the link [ie] cpanel image=your icon [ie] cpanel.png Link=your link [ie] cpanel then click go and you should see it in the tht_clientnav now...
2. make a file called [ie] cpanel.php and put this code in it
// TheHostingTool
// By Jonny H

class page{
public function content(){
global $db;
$array['ALERTS'] = $db->config('cpanel');
global $style;
echo $style->replaceVar('tpl/cpanel.tpl', $array);
} #closes if

then upload to /public_html/tht/client/pages
like this: /public_html/tht/client/pages/cpanel.php
3. then create a tpl file and put what you want in it [html]
[ie] <p align="center">go To Your Cpanel link etc</p>
and upload it to /public_html/tht/includes/tpl
like this: /public_html/tht/includes/tpl/cpanel.tpl

Thats It!!
If Some One Knows A better Way Please Add It Here

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