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Rue Paradise
I coded a simple version of a grafpedia hosting tutorial a few weeks ago and decided that it might be fun to make a theme for THT. So I have started on it already and am about to redo the entire thing, but here is the demo so far. I'll post the completed version for downloading when it is...complete >.>

Originally I did not have the <MENU> as the navigation but I wanted to see what it was like. I realise now I was wrong and am going to switch back to the other nav. I'm hoping to add a jquery slider so you can add sub links in the navigation and it shouldn't be a problem.

I originally planned to add a banner slider but for some reason the images weren't showing up. I guess I'll try again tomorrow. I'm also going to replace the order button with the icon image of a shopping cart.

All this I plan to do! But will it be accomplished!?

At least not tonight when it;s 12:52 AM. So I'm going to bed.
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