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Spam Posts
it looks like there is alot of spam bots hitting the forum

you all should look at the mod here to install to help keep the spam bots away from the forum

there is a mod on there for mybb
[Image: tv.png]
Thank you. I've been looking into spam catchers to help out. Unfortunately, many of them are too aggressive and annoying.

EDIT: Replaced the default CAPTCHA with reCAPTCHA. If this doesn't help catch most of them, I'll implement something more aggressive.
Kevin Mark - TheHostingTool Lead Developer
i can look into find more things to stop bots but if needed tell me where to put in an app and i will to become a mod to help keep the spam posts cleaned out
[Image: tv.png]
I've got a key for FASSIM Anti Spam for THT, just need to install the mod.
Nick - TheHostingTool Staff Coordinator

[Image: standard.png]

Spam bots hit all forums i recently took my forum down for that 1 reason as i couldent keep up with the 100+ posts even though i had a 8 digit catpha Sad
I could easily block a majority of the bots by blocking some specific countries by IP but that doesn't exactly coincide with our FOSS philosophy.
Kevin Mark - TheHostingTool Lead Developer

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