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how to Backup client data
04-17-2011, 06:27 AM, (This post was last modified: 04-17-2011, 07:37 AM by hostmafia.)
how to Backup client data
using Linux server
PosttoHost forum

Please assist me on which way is best on keeping backups of client data?

I am backing up mysql and files backup,
will it work if i just restore the cpanel backup in my new hosting account including tht files and sql?

Or there is some complex way of taking backups ? i dont want to take risks as its my clients data, and i donot want to manually enter each of my clients details in tht if my server broke.

P.S.: wrong section i think. please move it .
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04-17-2011, 09:26 AM,
RE: how to Backup client data
this is the rong section

This is how i make backups

1. go to your dectuments on yoru computer and make a file called backups
2. make a file for each one of you customers (call them the domain aka chemical-hosts.com(mine))
3. go into there cpanel via your resller cpanel and backup there SQL data and HomeDIR
save all the files into the revivant places
your done Smile

In c panel that back tool doesn't restore most of the files because its dumb

to restore there data do this

1.open your clients c panel
2.make there databases and users EXACTLY how they were before with no sql data inside
( don't worry about password they cant be changed in the CONFIG files for the forums etc)
3. go into PHP my admin and IMPORT and select the database click IMPORT then upload the relevant .SQL file and click OK

this should take about 2 mins depending on your connection speed and the database size once that has done you should see all of the tables in the database

4. upload your clients homDIR files and change the configuration files password to as the same as you put in on the database user

Make sure you only re-upload public_HTML
(don't get it mixed up with public FTP)

This is how i do things it might seem long a tedious but it has a 100% success rate for me
04-18-2011, 09:17 AM,
RE: how to Backup client data
well, its kind of difficult for me considering i have 2gb of client files (not including my own).... and clients are increasing day by day.

My real problem is not client's website data, but their data in ThT. I want to make sure that if i have to do a fresh install of tht, i can still have their accounts in tht same as before. please help.
Here are my domains
Free offshore hosting
Cheap Offshore Reseller,VPS,Dedicated hosting
Thanks to Tht for this amazing open-source script.
04-18-2011, 01:02 PM,
RE: how to Backup client data
WHM has a feature for backups. What you need to do to backup THT is to backup the THT SQL Database (Download and save as file). Then you just re-install THT when you need to, and import your old Database back over your new one within PHPMyAdmin. Then login to the THT acp and modify your WHM access hash to the new one.
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